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DiGiMartGlobal - Showcases the world's most sought after software solutions ranging from Uninstallers, Data / Photo Recovery Software to Windows Password Recovery and AntiVirus Removal Software. We DO NOT deal with Free Software Vendors. Our suppliers have to pass strict compliance rules with necessary updated certification.

"7/8 Free Software Programs and Mobile Apps contain unwanted programs used to gather sensitive personal and/or financial information" - LinkedIn, McAfee & IBM Executives Warn!

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June 2017 to December 2017 Offers


We’ve had numerous requests for Uninstallers [especially those that can remove antivirus software] to aid in the removal or total uninstallation of programs that become seemingly impossible to remove. The classic case is the dreaded ‘unable to uninstall’ message, even though all traces of the program have been removed. Then, by searching and good fortune you find a program that can erase all traces of the malignant program – only to find its annual subscription software, add-ons need to be purchased, and you’re stuck with constant updates you have to pay for. With our uninstaller, it’s a simple once off transaction, and the software [including FREE updates] is yours – for life.

Data / Photo Recovery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What then is a picture lost? It may be a long lost loved one or new addition to the family, a dear friend…perhaps a joyous occasion that may never be repeated? Be it fun or forensics, we have the solution – photo and data recovery software that can be either burnt to disc, stored on a USB or resident on your PC or Laptop. It also works with all storage devices, such as USB’s, Memory Cards, Hard Drives, etc; and can extract all formats ranging from RAW video formats to MP3/4 music files, even if they’ve been ‘emptied’ from the Recycle Bin or the hard drive has been damaged! Again, [as with most of our digital products], it comes with Full Lifetime Ownership, and Free Updates.

System Password Recovery

Can’t remember your Windows Password? Not having access to ALL your files, programs, spreadsheets, etc, can put a serious dent in your day – especially when that day has deadlines. Cheer up, we’ve got just what you need – a Windows Password Recovery Tool either for the casual/professional home user or the enterprise owner. It works on Windows XP up to Windows 10, so you’re fully covered. Follow a few simple steps to recover or reset your Windows Password and have access to everything required on your PC, Smartphone or Laptop. Now do I need to mention that it’s a Lifetime Ownership Product and comes standard with Free Updates? Well, it does.

Multi Function Utility Software

By now, I hope you’re sufficiently impressed. But wait, there really is a Whole Lot More! What if I told you that all of the capabilities – Uninstallation, Photo and Data Recovery, Password Recovery, AntiVirus, Online Security For Children and close to 50+ other functional, practical applications can be found with One Simple Product? That’s right, you can save some money and get a massive collection of all of the most needed software applications ranging from uninstall software, data and photo recovery software, password recovery software, antivirus software, and online security software : All For The Price Of One Software Program! Gain and remain in total control of your PC, Laptop Or Smart Mobile Device, while enhancing your Online Protection and Security! Again, this is a Full Lifetime Digital Product with Free Updates and a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! And At Prices This Low, It Will Be Easy To Secure Your Copy Today!

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